Evaluating Payouts for Online Craps Games

Not every online casino pays out the same rates for their popular gambling games. Some may alter the payouts to earn the casino more money, while others will increase the payouts to bring in more players. In online craps games, players should expect certain payouts in order to make the game worth playing.

Which Bets Should Be Compared

In craps, there are some bets that no player should be making in the first place. Many of the point bets are so rarely won that the payout really shouldn't matter. Other more common bets like the place bets, field bets, and pass line bets are much more common. Even though they usually have fairly low payouts, some casinos will attempt to knock them even lower to save money. When shopping around for the best payouts, players should compare these common bets to get the best value for their bet.

Generous Payouts

For the most part, casinos stick to certain standard rates in their payouts. Some though are more generous with their payouts for online craps games. For instance, while both Microgaming and Playtech casinos pay out even money for the very common 6/8 bet, Cryptologic is more generous with their 7 to 6 payout rate. If players play at Cryptologic, they can expect more money at the end of the game than they would earn at Playtech or Microgaming casinos.

By comparing and evaluating payouts for online craps games, players can make sure they are getting the most bang for each buck. If players are taking the right risks, they should be getting the appropriate paydays.